Negotiations With Insurance Companys

I’ve been reading a lot recently about standard amount of money being offered by insurance companies to individuals in order to settle any claims that may appear later down the line. This is because at this time the individual involved will sign an agreement saying no more claims are to be made and it’s legally binding. Now this is all fine but where you aware with proper legal support you can get on average 3 times that. We spoke to a solicitor and discussed why this is. She told us that insurance company’s make a rushed offer normally between £500-£1500 for whiplash claims. This is to do exactly what we’ve already said and it protects the insurance firm from having any other nasty surprises in the future. They are aware your claim is worth more but on average this works as the individual involved is not aware that this is something that can be negotiated on.


With the correct legal support you are in a good position to negotiate for a better claim. Insurance company’s do not want to go to court it can be expensive and time consuming they would prefer to do an out of court settlements. We have not ben told this but are led to believe after looking a t industry statistics. What this does mean is there is room for negotiations being advised in the correct way by a reputable Personal Injury Solicitor will insure you get the best offer available.


How to find a reputable personal injury solicitor?

You should search the internet speak to friends and family and have open and honest discussions with Personal Injury Solicitors you come into contact with. You are entitled to ask questions about previous cases. Have they been negotiated on and what is their success rate in doing so. You will be able to get a general feel if they are the type of injury solicitor you would like to deal with. Once you have done your research and along as they live up to their word and have been truthful. You should see your claim being more streamline and straight forward but also getting a higher level of compensation then you were offered at first.


One thing to remember when dealing with a compensation claim is your claim does have a value and it’s worked out on a many different factors don’t think you will be having a life changing windfall. You should though be compensated for the damages caused.

New Website

As I’ve said in the about me section of my blog I found myself in the situation where I was dealing with a personal injury solicitor.

After what was relatively straight forward process I received the compensation from the other drivers insurance company. Now that’s not the big thing that inspired me to start this blog. When I was looking for a personal injury solicitor I visited a lot of forums trying to get an idea of what ones where good and which ones where bad. As I have now found out this is a market highly saturated with “ambulance chasers” this is apparently a name given to unsatisfactory bunch of solicitors who do just that chase ambulances in some sense looking for a compensation claim so they can get paid. I decided to steer clear of those ones. You can normally sniff them out they get InTouch with you. They may be ringing after your insurance company has put your details their way or they just have your mobile number so text you all the time informing you that you have been in some form of accident and to call them.

I am strong believer in recommendation and consumer power so to see this happening in the law sector is fantastic. There is many review sites on the internet but most powerfully forums and Facebook circles. That’s the power of our modern day you don’t not need to wait to bump into someone who may know someone you can go on line and there is 1000s of people happy to give you your opinion or you can type a few words and ask for an opinion of your social networking friends.

So this site has been something that is set up to help and share story’s and become a reference point for individuals who have been involved or are needing the involvement of a personal injury solicitor.